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1heart has changed the lives of countless high-performing humans by inviting them to our transformational ayahuasca retreat.

We combine a curated community of like-hearted, like-minded people with sacred plant medicines and world-class programs that continues to be one of the most empowering, transformative, and beautiful containers our alumni have experienced.

And one of those alumni believes you’re ready to level up your life in our 8-week program.

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You are invited to join a 1heart Journey.

We are a transformational ayahuasca retreat organization that’s guided over 500+ guests in the past 5 years. We blend modern masterminds with ancient approaches in our world-class program.

In each cohort, you’ll join our 8-week container (2 weeks virtual preparation + 1 week in Costa Rica + 5 weeks virtual integration) with 40+ inspirational leaders, entrepreneurs, and creators for a deeply transformational ayahuasca retreat, also known as a Journey at 1heart. We’ll welcome you to the beautiful, safe, and natural setting of serene Costa Rica for our epic Journeys.

This epic experience brings together high-level conscious leaders at the world’s most innovative companies with the sacred plant medicine called ayahuasca integrated with many other ancient and modern modalities.

You’ll leave with a deeper sense of excitement and purpose for what’s ahead and beyond!

Together we will Journey Beyond to explore our individual and collective purpose deeply. Every participant will be transformed. The lives they live, the work they do, the community they’re creating, and the examples they set will transform the world.

“The 1heart experience was the most impactful Journey of my life.”

– Gerard Adams, Founder of ‘Leaders Create Leaders’
Listen to Gerard’s 1heart experience on our podcast


This all-inclusive, 8-week human accelerator (1-week of in-person retreat + 7-week pre/post virtual program) is designed to fully elevate your mind, body, and spirit.

The 8-weeks include 2-weeks of group ayahuasca preparation before the group’s Journey and a 5-week facilitated integration program and mastermind post Journey (additional 1-on-1 private integration coaching available upon request). You will be fully supported by top practitioners in various modalities, beautifully integrated to create peak experiences and positive life transformation.

During our magical Journey week together, you will experience three ayahuasca ceremonies, yoga, meditation, conscious movement, breathwork, shamanic drumming, bio-hacking, and much more.

Your Journey leaders are highly successful entrepreneurs who have built and exited businesses and had their own Journeys transform their lives.

1heart also brings together the best practitioners and facilitators in their space to lead you through deeply transformational work.

The Journey will include many surprises and good ‘ole fashioned fun.’ You’ll enjoy group celebrations, adventurous excursions, a traditional native cacao ceremony/performance, healthy organic culinary delights (vegetarian), and an amazing mastermind group of leaders, entrepreneurs, and change-makers.

**Applicants must be approved to attend. If you have not been approved, apply here.**

Note: a portion of your tuition will go to support the indigenous communities, medicine keepers, and lands who make these experiences possible for all of us. This sacred reciprocity is an important energy exchange that your funds will contribute to to help make this work sustainable and available to more souls.

“Words cannot describe the 1heart experience, but I’ll try. There is so much intention, love, and compassion behind every detail of the journey. I am a different person because of 1heart – more conscious, more forgiving, more loving of myself and everything and everyone around me. The growth and awakening is nothing short of the most profound experience of my life.”

– Jason Tan, Founder & Executive Chairman at Sift

“For 20 years, I’ve taken various courses in self-improvement, business management & entrepreneurship, etc. All this knowledge was excellent & useful, but somehow, the results were always just “good” but it never changed my life. After my 1heart journey, it is as though all those years of knowledge & hard work dropped from my head to my heart, and for the first time, I understood. There’s nothing like this journey. It will change your life!

– Edwin Doyle, Keynote Speaker & World Economic Forum Delegate
















Your Journey extends far beyond the week we spend physically together in Costa Rica. Your Journey includes the full 8-Week Program and Mastermind, all created to maximize the positive outcomes of your Journey. This includes:


Arrive in Costa Rica deeply prepared for this transformational experience. You’ll receive our 25-page preparation and elevation guides custom-created (readings, journaling prompts, and more) for your Journey ahead. You’ll also participate in virtual video calls with your fellow participants, your Elevation Team leader (alumni who volunteer to return), and a smaller group.

At 1heart, we pride ourselves on our ayahuasca preparation guidelines, group calls, and support. How to prepare for ayahuasca is a big deal. The more committed you are to your work leading up to our transformational ayahuasca retreat, the more promise the medicine can provide you.


We’ll also provide a guide for your ayahuasca diet once you’ve booked your spot at 1heart’s ayahuasca retreat. The ayahuasca diet is also known as a dieta, and it’s a crucial piece of preparing for ayahuasca ceremonies. A dieta is typically asked to be followed for the two weeks leading up to your ayahuasca experience and for a week or two after. However, a minimum of five days of engaging with a dieta is highly encouraged to best support yourself for these profound, powerful, and transformative experiences.

And three big reasons to respect the dieta are: you’re respecting yourself, you’re respecting the process of your ayahuasca experience to come, and you’re making it easier for your mind, body, heart, and soul to receive the Spirit of the Medicine. By having a responsible ayahuasca diet, you’re showing up for yourself AND making it easier for the power of ayahuasca to work with you. The fewer obstacles you have in the way, the easier the Medicine flows within your being.


We preach that the sustained transformation from your ayahuasca ceremonies and 1heart experience comes from the commitment to your integration period and process. We’ve intentionally crafted a world-class integration program to help you land your learnings into your new life.

After the Journey is where the biggest growth opportunities occur. 1heart has designed our group integration program to allow you to best implement the breakthroughs and insights you experience on the Journey into your lives back home. You’ll stay connected with your new Tribe via our live virtual group Living Beyond program. You’ll be fully supported by our team, your elevation team and team leader, and a buddy from the Journey, helping you stay on track in making powerful positive changes in your life.

To be one of the most comprehensive programs for life elevation with sacred plant medicine, we also offer additional 1-on-1 private integration coaching with vetted professionals and experienced medicine facilitators upon request (beyond our 5-week group integration program) for those who want to dive deeper into what they want to shift and continually breakthrough.

Alex Maceda, who holds a Stanford MBA and held executive positions in Silicon Valley, shares how her approach to integration led to a significant shift in the aligned and fulfilling life she now lives.

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“If you want a great vacation, go to ClubMed. If you want to change your life, come to 1heart. While the journey experience itself was life changing, the actual change happened when I returned home and made concrete changes to my life. 1heart’s five-week integration program is world-class, pulling in best practices to help you remember and put into practice what you learned during an extraordinary week.”

– Charlene Li, New York Times bestselling author and entrepreneur

This 1heart journey has doubtlessly been one of the most profound experiences of my life, and it’s difficult to even put into words as to how much it has impacted me already and will continue to impact me on my future path. The beautiful container and perfectly orchestrated program, paired with an incredibly inspiring, hand-picked group of wonderful people really helped me to dive deep into my personal development journey and allowed for me to get an abundance of clarity, perspective, guidance, healing, gratitude and growth out of this week.

– Anna Heil, Founder of Edible Balance, Holistic Nutritional Coach

“A remarkable and soulful experience curated by those with a deep caring for a world that works. The entire experience brought a deep connection to my beloved, the earth, and humanity. 1heart shouldn’t be missed as a part of your life transformation process.”

– David Katz, Founder & CEO at Plastic Bank

“This was no ordinary trip but a pivot shift in the understanding of my life. Never in my life have felt explosions of love, joy, and clarity.”

Palak Patel, Award Winning Celebrity Chef

“Without a doubt, my most transformative experience with psychedelics was with 1heart…”

– Paul Austin, Founder of The Third Wave

Read Paul Austin’s full review entitled, “REVIEW: 1HEART JOURNEYS AYAHUASCA RETREAT” published on The Third Wave on June 2019.


If you feel called, excited, and aligned with this once-in-a-lifetime experience, apply here!

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